Sunday, February 27, 2011

What’s up, dog?

This weekend, dogsledding races were held up here in the northern hinterlands. I decided to go check out the action Saturday morning. And not just because of the food! I rather enjoy winter festival food. Someone we all know and love may or may not have visited the cafe au lait booth twice – she’ll never tell.

When I arrived, I was super excited to see a truck I have spotted numerous times around town. I’ve wanted to photograph it for a year and a half. Now, victory!


Lots of dogs were hanging around the parking lot (tied up, of course). This St. Bernard just wanted some love.


And, who could resist that?


These puppies were just enjoying the action


And here, a matching crew!


This doggie reminded me of a big, fluffy sheep


Finally, it was time for some racing


Go, team!


These dogs were not going very fast – they were very interested in the people


So, the driver got off his sled and let the dogs chase him to the finish line


A big snowstorm was on its way!


This guy had a cool hat!


After the dogsledding, I went snowshoeing. So, more snow pix to come later!


Sharon said...

Thank you, thank you, and more thank yous. My students are going to love these!

Sharon said...

Dear Elizabeth Sensei,

Thank you for the pictures. We all loved when the man got off his sled and ran to the finish line. We liked it when the dogs chased the man.

Love from the second grade class.