Wednesday, February 16, 2011


…to the distant トイレ (toire). First, though, I can’t figure out what to call the room that houses only my toilet. The Toilet Room doesn’t sound very delicate. How about The TP Storage Area? That’s a bit long, isn’t it. Oh, well.

Anyway, a brief primer on this room. It is really distant from the main part of my house. It’s not an outhouse, but…

When you walk through my bright blue metal front door, you are standing on the cold concrete floor of my genkan. This is where you dump your shoes. Once out of your shoes, you step up onto a wood floor. There are some hooks where you can hang your coat (but let me know if you are coming first, because right now, all the hooks are taken up with my plethora of coats and jackets). Right to the left of the coat hooks is my tiny TP Storage Area. If you turn right, you can go through another door and into the main part of my house. The part where the heater is. I don’t heat the genkan. It’s just not practical for many reasons.

Unfortunately, this means that the TP Storage Area gets a teeny bit chilly in the winter. It was typically between the mid 30’s to mid 40’s.

But all that has changed now! It turns out that I had a mysterious device in my house that solved this minor annoyance. A friend with a wealth of experience here in the frozen tundra showed me something in the TPSA of her house that kept it warm. All of a sudden, realization set in and I realized that I had one in my house! I thought it was just some kind of weird heater that didn’t work well.

Well, it is now fulfilling it’s intended purpose and my TPSA is now a balmy 55 degrees or so! Happiness!

Is there a lesson here for all of us about thriving in our intended purposes? I don’t know, but I’ll be basking in my tropical トイレ!

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Sharon said...

I absolutely adored this post--its utter realism and openness! Having never been far from the US, I would never imagine an indoor toilet to be unheated. Your description of the problem and the ingenious solution gives me a bigger view of the world. Thanks, Dear.