Monday, February 28, 2011

For a “ferry” special class of 2nd graders

Hello, 2nd graders! I heard that you will be reading about ferries soon. That is “ferry” exciting!

Here in Japan, sometimes I take a ferry to visit schools on islands.

First, everyone has to go to the ferry terminal


In the summer, many visitors come. Sometimes, the line is really long!


Here comes a ferry! The ferries bring people, food, gas, and mail to the islands.


This bird is enjoying a free ride on the ferry! Hey bird, where is your ticket?


When the weather is nice, you can go outside and enjoy the view of the islands and the ocean. I love going outside in the summer. In the winter, it is REALLY cold!


Sometimes, you can see ferries going the other way. The ferry in this picture is really tiny.


You can sit outside or inside on the ferry. Inside, we usually take off our shoes and sit on special carpet covered platforms. Lots of people take naps. One time, I took a nap and someone had to wake me up when we arrived.


Hello, ferry!


I hope you guys enjoy your story about ferries! I sure enjoy going to work by ferry! 


Sharon said...

Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow! This is marvelous! I had tears in my eyes after reading your sweet words. This is just what my students need--an illustrated story written especially for them! Thank you, Elizabeth Sensei, from the bottom of my heart.

aquamaureen said...

I wish I could be in Sharon's class when they read this post!!!!!

What a great job you did, Liz.

Sharon said...

Dear Elizabeth Sensei,

You are the best! We are glad you came to visit us. We really enjoyed seeing the ferry pictures. We thought they were "ferry" wonderful. Thank you for sending the pictures and writing the story just for us.

Mrs. Hall's and Miss Ross's 2nd grade class

Sharon said...

By the way, the class composed both of the thank you letters!