Monday, February 7, 2011

The main drag through town

Yes, I have realized that this is basically a picture of nothing. Oops.

Recently, I had been thinking about how overall, this winter felt a bit milder than last winter. Well, I was wrong son, I was wrong. This morning, I stepped out into a swirl of big, fat attack snowflakes. The Abominable Snowman? Probably just some poor sap walking to work on a morning like today.

I considered remaining in the office building all day (generally I don't have school on Mondays), but by noon, it looked like the weather had cleared up. I hadn't brought my lunch, plus, this morning I was rather dismayed to discover that I had accidentally brought lychee teabags to work instead of the caramel sugar tea I had meant to bring.

So, on my way home to eat and gather tea, I noticed the snow blowing around (feeling like salt spray). I attempted to capture it, but failed. Oops.

And, oh my! How the temps have dropped! When I left work this evening, I thought my kneecaps were going to fall off!

I may not be quite as well-adjusted as I thought I was.


Sharon said...

What is lychee tea??

Elizabeth said...

It is kind of a floral and fruity tea. I wanted something that would be a good vehicle for something creamy.