Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where am I?

Chilling in Sapporo Station with an amazing Jasmine Orange tea latte. Amazing!


Sharon said...

Whatever is hiding in that white wrapper appears considerably more tasty than corn soup and bread.

aquamaureen said...

my sweet niece---I think you are sooooooooooo brave. I just talked to your mom, and will be praying for you through the night, as you take that busride home . . I 'm so glad you will have a friend to meet you there and take you to your apartment . . your mom told me about your having to get your heat up and running, etc. And then you go right to work the next day. Sweet girl, I pray for you to feel God's arms of love lifting you up and holding you close. Love you so. Aunt Maureen

Dad said...

I am not sure what is in the shell, but everything looks delicious. You are very brave for eating something you cannot see.