Thursday, January 27, 2011


Update about the blueberry cream cheese coffee cake - underneath the decadent name and alluring picture beats a heart of pure sugar free goodness. The only really naughty thing here is the artificial sweetener. If you don't do artificial sweetener (and don't have access to the ammaaaazzziiiiinnngg Japanese artificial sweetener), I guess you could add a little sugar or maple syrup. I dunno. Anyway, here is the recipe:

Click Here For Pure Amazing Deliciousness

So, you may notice that this recipe calls for almond flour. I discovered that in the Jackson Metro area, you can get almond flour at Kroger or Rainbow Whole Foods. It's way cheaper at Rainbow.

I also did not make the streusel topping. There was no other reason than the simple fact that I didn't want to mess up another bowl. It's perfectly delicious without it, and this way, I saved some of my precious almond flour.  I'm a bit far from both Rainbow and Kroger. Of course, you can also make your own almond flour, if you are so inclined...

Anyway, have fun!

Oh, also, I believe a certain beloved reader wanted to know what I did while my heat was out. Well, after church I went to Zazie and lingered long over a bowl of soup curry, then basically hung around the gym for a few hours. I washed my hair there and everything. When I came home around 9PM, I bundled into a lot of clothes, made sure there was a pile of blankets on my bed, slipped a hot water bottle under the covers, and snuggled in. It actually stayed pretty cozy. During the time I was awake and at home, I used a sapce heater, but I don't like to run space heaters while I'm asleep unless it's absolutely necessary.

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Sharon said...

Thanks for filling in the details for your "certain reader." She is very thankful.