Sunday, January 23, 2011

A cautionary tale

Is there anything that has popped into your mind lately that you've thought could be postponed for a little while?

This blog could go very existential at this point, but I unfortunately have a very very practical example.

This morning, I woke up and thought, "Hmm, I'm cold." Maybe not so eloquently, but that was the general idea. I reached out from what should have been my warm nest of four cozy blankets and looked at the thermometer on my alarm clock. Translating to Fahrenheit, it was about 49 degrees in my bedroom. Well, that certainly explained the chill. But I had left my heater on the night before, so that was still unusually cold. I lifted my head from the floor and looked across the house to my heater (yes, my eyesight is so amazing that I can see all the way from the back of my bedroom to the far side of the living room...oh, all right, it's just a really small house). Unsurprisingly, there was no cheery orange glow emanating from that beloved box.

Immediately, I knew what happened. Even you who reminded me will know what happened. I ran out of kerosene. And the annoying thing is that I just thought about checking it the other day, and of course forgot. Argh.

Running out of kerosene in March is one thing (last year). Running out in January is entirely different. And even though it is a weekend, I'm glad that it is a Sunday and not a Saturday. Basically, I've spent the whole morning under my covers with my kindle, but now I have to get dressed for church.

I wish I could pull a Ramona and put my clothes on over my layers of cozy jammies like the firemen. My space heater has warmed the apartment to about 51 degrees, but ooooh! BTW, if you haven't watched Ramona and Beezus, I (and one of my dear relatives) highly recommend! I loved the books as a kid and really enjoyed the movie (watched it on the plane to the USA and again on the plane to Japan).

But anyway, if you think about something you should do (could even be existential), my recommendation is to either do it or AT LEAST make a note about it.

Don't be like me.


Sharon said...

Ohhhh...brrrrrrrrrrrrr...I am so sorry you are cold. Maybe you can stay with another ALT or the pastor's family until the kerosene comes? Even a motel would work. It can't be good to be without heat even for the rest of this day...and especially not all this next night. Last night you had residual heat, but now you have none. Please don't try to tough it out.

I guess you don't want me to tell you that it is supposed to be 59 here tomorrow??

I love you.

Sharon said... in the world did you type in that frigid temperature???

aquamaureen said...

Oh Lizzie .. .I'm feeling cold on your behalf!!!! When I have things to remember, I write notes and then clothespin the note to obvious places . . like the front of my shirt, and then when someone asks "what's that pinned to your shirt?" then I remember!!!!