Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sludge Time

Now, don't you wish you had a nice, big glass of this to kick your day off right? Actually, you should! Though is has the appearance of toxic sludge (and IMHO, looks slightly grosser in person), it it totally delicious! It looks like sludge because there is spinach in there. You really can't taste it, though I did find a spinach string.

My eyes sprung open just after 3 this morning, and after trying to go back to sleep, I realized I was really hungry. So, I made up a nice glass of delicious sludge.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Sharon said...

I don't think I could get past the appearance in order to drink it. How does it smell?

(And don't say, "With its nose.")

Becky said...

Did it fill you up? Was it worth the appearance?

aquamaureen said...

Dear Niece,

Putting that concoction in a pretty little flowered glass, does NOT make it any more palatable. And telling us it has spinach and spinach strings in it also does NOT make it any more palatable. The only thing that gets my sympathy is that you were awake at 3am and couldn't sleep. But I gotta tell you: when I wake middle of the night and can't sleep, spinach sludge is NOT the first thing to pop into my thought . . .