Friday, December 17, 2010


One of my students has a pencil case that says something to the effect of, "He got married, furnished a house, bought a writing desk and stationery, and found he had nothing to write."

Sometimes when I try to blog every day, I feel kinship with the man represented on that pencil case. Well, at least with the last part. Oh, and the other side had the same sentiment, but written in French.

But high school students here do have the cutest school supplies.

We have had a HUGE snowfall this week. While I love to watch snowflakes gently drift down from the sky, I don't particularly enjoy being battered round the head with attack snowflakes! Yesterday, I started to wonder if we were just going to get the entire year's worth of snow in one week. But today was a little better. Still ridiculously heavy snow, but no wind, which makes a world of difference. There was also a little filtered sunshine this afternoon, which made me happy. Things do look especially pretty all covered in snow. And I love the feel of soft snow against my boots. But I really don't like the feeling of soft snow coming over the top of said boots and down inside! Brrr!

On Wednesday, I learned something new. Someone in my Skype Bible study said that her mother told her to be sure not to keep her hands in her pockets during the winter. I kind of thought that was the whole reason we had pockets! Since learning this, I've been trying to reform, which has meant wearing mismatched gloves twice. Oh, well.

5 days from right now, I'll be checking into my hotel 5 hours away and getting ready to take off! Hurray!

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Sharon said...

I hear about your 6 inches of snow, and my mind instantly computes the difference of that 6 inches and last year's 240 inches! I that being optimistic or pessimistic? Guess it depends on a person's feelings about snow, right??

I have been asking God for mild, sunny weather here for you to soak into your bones to last until May!