Thursday, December 30, 2010

The anti jet lag diet, final results

Well, I’ve been here long enough that I think I can finally report on the results of the anti jet lag diet. And so, without further ado (after all, haven’t we all had more ado than we can stand), the results:

I have no idea if the anti jet lag diet worked or not!

The end.

OK, so, I didn’t feel as tired this time as I did the last time I came home. Unfortunately, I did get a little sick a few days after I got home, which threw things a bit out of whack. And when I was standing in the customs line, I was basically just draped over my pile of luggage, but hey, I had been jammed in a plane for 11 hours.

But I did feel like I was able to adjust to the different time a little bit easier. And, after the massive caffeine deprivation (hope that is the right word), coffee at the right time of day felt like paradise (really, who wants coffee only between the hours of 2pm and 5pm). And then, you know how on the plane you are basically supposed to drink twenty gallons of water per minute and none of the good stuff on the flight attendant’s beverage cart? Well, it was pure pleasure to get a cup of coffee about an hour before arrival in Dallas (I figured I was close enough that it wouldn’t matter). I just gulped that stuff down black. Yum.

Of course, I might have adjusted to the time difference more quickly because I knew a bit more of what to expect in the time change. The jet lag going from Japan to the US is different from the jet lag going from the US to Japan.  I also made it home faster this year! There was no overnight layover in Dallas (although I am very grateful for the good friends who gave me a place to stay last Christmas Eve).

But overall, I would have to say that the results of the anti jet lag diet were inconclusive. Would I do it again, you ask? Absolutely! Why? Whether or not it worked, I lost a couple random pounds! A very pleasant side benefit!

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Sharon said...

I love the jet lag diet because it brought you to me!!! Terrific results if you ask me!

As for your twitter on resolutions, I awoke today with some swirling in my mind! Thanks for the nudge.