Monday, December 20, 2010

The anti jet lag det, day 2

Today was a fun day on the antil jet lag diet. Day 2 is a feast day! Woot! Yesterday was a light eating day, so not bad, but not as fun. Today, I was supposed to have a high protein breakfast and lunch, and a high carbohydrate dinner. I ate dinner at Cafe Zazie with a friend and had a big plate of rice and noodles with a little meat and an egg on top. It was pretty tasty! But, tomorrow is another light day. And even though I have to be out of bed before 5am, no coffee in the morning. I'm glad that tomorrow is a light day though, as I'll be ferrying it up!

I am REALLY looking forward to seeing if this makes any difference. I really don't see how it is supposed to work...but what the hey! The feast days are fun!  Might have to indulge in a croissant in honor of the occassion...

Day after tomorrow, I'll be on my way!!!

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Sharon said...

Well, at least on feast days you get to visit your favorite restaurants! So eager to see you and hug you---jet lagged or not!

Love you with all my heart.