Sunday, November 21, 2010

NaNoTraMo…and an update

NaNoing on trains is also fun!


Last weekend, my friend and I went to another city in Hokkaido to just have a fun weekend and do some Christmas shopping. Some of you will have presents, if they don’t get smooshed on the international flight.

Here is our city getup:


The masks were added later. We also ate amazing food like this:

CIMG1858I could have eaten about twelve plates of the stuff. It was mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, tomatoes, and olive oil. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

This week, we have a random national holiday on Tuesday. so I am going to celebrate Thanksgiving about an hour or so south with several families. I hope there will be pumpkin pie. I have a serious pumpkin pie deficiency, and it needs to be remedied. Yes.

Well, I need to do some writing (I’m a bit behind) and then head to the gym to pump some iron or something. And I ask, why is there an ice cream vending machine in the gym. Is that really necessary?

Happy Thanksgiving week, everyone!


Becky said...

Lol!! I was going to say. I don't remember having a mask on. :)

Elizabeth said...

Heeheehee! I didn't want tot reveal your secret renaissance identity to the world unless you were ready!

aquamaureen said...

what in the world are you gals dressed up for???

Sharon said...

Fun pics. The food one reminded me of Frazier Dip. Thanks for sharing.