Monday, September 13, 2010

I've heard of sawing logs, but...

...Log pushing? Just thought I'd take a minute to share some photos from the log pushing festival. It was a beautiful (and hottttttttttt) day, and a good time was had by all. Well, probably not all, but close enough.

All my pix seem to have loaded in reverse order, so we'll just go backwards through the day. I suppose if you wanted to go in order, you could go to the bottom and work your way up. :-D

We left while an exciting sort of Power Ranger play was going on. It looked very exciting, anyway. Couldn't tell you what was going on, but I'm fairly certain that the thing in front of the drums was a Bad Dude (in the evil genius sense, not the other sense).

Here we are, shielding our fair and delicate skin from the blistering sun. By this point in the day, we were pretty much worn out!

Three ALT teams participated in the log pushing - go Foreign Ladies 1! They lost. They put up a pretty good fight, though! There was actually no Foreign Ladies 2 team, as most of their members pulled out.

And yes, a team of ladies dressed as French maids.
The Foreign Gentiemen 2 team. That's what their sign said, anyhoo. They actually made it to the second round. That was because of their very serious faces. This is the proper log pushing expression, I suppose.

Two random teams battling it out for log pushing victory!

The log, without people desperately hanging onto it.

The teams, preparing to meet the log.

The view from the train window. The train often slows down as we pass this spot. That's Rishiri in the distance. The black coffee was an accidental purchase, but wound up tasting pretty good, though I definitely prefer the addition of cream.

And there you have the log pushing day in reverse! Er...I mean... Reverse in day pushing log the have you there and.


Becky said...

Fun times! It was fun spending a part of the day together and eating pears together!

Elizabeth said...

Yeah! Those pears were taaaastttttyyyyy. Tasty does not lend itself well to elongation, does it?

Sharon said...

What delightful memories you will have forever! Never heard of log pushing before.