Sunday, August 15, 2010

Living on the edge

Due to - something - the trains have not been running for at least the past 2 days. So, I am on alternate transportation today - the bus. It is kind of exciting, as we are basically swinging down the west coast. There has been one thing I usually don't encounter, though - traffic! Oh, and a nearby pair of creepy feet, but I'm trying not to look at them.

Well, the bus is driving through a pretty area - think I'll check it out!


alyacroft said...

It was probably the typhoon. I know a bunch of trains were canceled not because of the rain itself, but because of fear of landslides coming on to the train tracks. I'm glad you're safe!

Sharon said...

Creepy feet??? Now THAT'S an interesting observation. I like seeing the raindrops on the glass.

Elizabeth said...

It was gross. She took off her shoes, which was no problem until she decided to take off her socks and put up her feet. And they were all peely! Bleeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh