Friday, August 6, 2010

Go team!

OK, y'all! Who is ready for some motivation?? Woohoo! Anyone? Do I see a hand there in the back?

So, as you know, I am trying to learn Japanese. Makes sense, right? Some might say...makes sensei...? Ahahaha...sorry. Bad Japanese joke there. ANYWAY, as with any major project, one runs into roadblocks, setbacks, and general frustration.

And, sometimes, language study notwithstanding, one runs into confusing images like these. Together, they are pretty clear, but separate them a tad, and one desperately hopes not to intrude upon the wrong in Washington, D.C. That's a whole other story, though!
Maybe it's really one for tubby people and one for non-tubby people...I don't know...

Or one for linebackers and one for couch potatoes???

No non-kimonoed people allowed?

Anyhoo, what was I writing about again? Oh, yes, motivation! When I get frustrated with my language study (or lack of progress), I poke around in a handy little website, All Japanese All The Time. I always find something to help me improve my studies and make them more fun (a key point of the site). The link above will take you to an absolutely aaaaaaa-mmmmm-aaa-zzzzz-iii-n-gggggggg post.

"Ah," you say. "But I'm not trying to learn that there Japanese. Therefore, I have no need of this post and will go have a nice cup of tea."

No, no, no! If you are trying to attempt any long term project (or not), go read the post! To sum it up...

See, I even gave you a whole 'nuther link. Now, go enjoy!

Pretty please with sugar on top?


Sharon said...

Will post more later on your post, but for now...WOW WOW WOW! Tremendous link...Thank you!

Dad said...

Very informative link. Thanks for sharing this link with us.

Sharon said...

I guess I would choose wisdom over smartness. So that means I need to work on patience and WAIT for the longterm results! Thanks again for sharing that link, Liz.