Sunday, August 1, 2010


So, I'm back from my lovely weekend in Eniwa/Sapporo/Otaru! Meeting my JTE's parents was so much fun. They were such nice people. Going into it, I was a little nervous, because I've never stayed in a Japanese home (except for my own, which so doesn't count). I wasn't quite sure about all the proper etiquette and such, and as we all know, babies have a higher vocab than me. Case in point - I was at a restaurant, and someone had to say Konbanwa to me about 3 times before I realized they were talking to me. Oh, well. I'm studying!

Anyway, it was a great visit! And before we left, my friend's mother made bento lunches for us! They were so pretty and delicious!

Oh, and one year ago, I had started my trip to Japan! I believe I was flying with my Nashville peeps toward Dallas!

Night, all!


Sharon said...

I am greatly impressed at the loveliness of the lunch. It is obvious much care went into the preparation. Is it wrapped in cloth or paper? The top part is so neatly done and the napkin adds an artistic flair. Such nice people. I am glad you had that experience.

Dad said...

The lunch looks fabulous. Was it as good as it looked or better. It was so nice of her to make you both a lunch to take with you. It looked scrumptious.