Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dreary and cheery

Just in case you hadn't already noticed this, I love to see things that are both ugly and pretty. This summer, that has worked out well for me here.

Last weekend, we had beautiful weather. By beautiful, I really mean UTTERLY FANTASTIC! Other than that, though, things have been pretty dreary and bleak. The skies have been gray, and everything has just been damp. It hasn't been particularly hot, just blecky. So, I have been completely grateful to the good citizens of Wakkanai who have planted flowers everywhere and painted their houses happy colors. The bright spots of tiny gardens everywhere - intentional or not - and happy houses have really helped to keep everything from turning into a big mass of gray.

It has been interesting to see those juxtapositions of dreary and cheery all over town. Although, sun, wherever you are, I would be more than happy to not enjoy the juxtaposition for a little while should you feel like appearing!


Sharon said...

I see what you mean by dreary and cheery! I am so glad you are a person who notices the flowers, happy colors, etc. I think many people just don't see all the little gifts God(and the good people of Wakkanai!) provides. It does my heart good to know you notice!

Dad said...

The door looks like it came out of the middle ages. It did look very dreary. I would hate to see the inside if the outside looked this way. Maybe we would all be surprised to see a fashionable inside to the building.