Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sometimes, in learning and using a new language, the line between pass and fail is quite blurred. For example, today was filled with language failures. I couldn't properly pronounce the words I was trying to use when I called for package delivery and I had a hard time understanding what the man was saying back. Then, I went to get some dinner and tell someone something. I couldn't put together a sensible sentence.

...On the other hand, I made a phone call in Japanese this evening
and went out, ordered dinner, and delivered the message I intended to deliver!
As you can see, it's a pretty blurry line.

This photo was specially included to show that my nails have reverted to their proper teacher state. Although, technically, it IS 夏休み now.... (summer vacation).


Sharon said...

I am simply amazed at how much you already know about the language. It appears overwhelmingly difficult to me. I liked seeing the kanji for mom in your twitter. :)

Dad said...

I could say Japanese look greek to me, but there is only one problem - I can read greek. So maybe it looks turkish to me.