Friday, July 9, 2010

The view from my window

It's getting late on Friday evening. I'm so happy that it is the weekend (I just typed window instead of weekend) and that I have nothing pressing. There are only fun things on my schedule, like chatting with family and friends and hanging with students.

This is what I can see now from my window. It's a big change from the zillion feet of snow. I was quite surprised to find that my backyard has transformed into a jungle, though. Some of the plant growth is taller than the snow ever was. There are some pretty little purple flowers by the fence, though. I'm so happy to see the sun, too!

The loveliest thing happened today at school, too! The junior high students were really excited to see me (which is always encouraging!), and one actually said she was so happy to see me. I melted a little inside. Now, she may have just picked the phrase out of a book, but it was still really nice to hear!

It made up for having to sit smashed against a strange man for the hour long train ride.

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Sharon said...

That is a heart warming moment from teaching. They don't happen really often, but they are special. As believers, we are making lifelong impressions on the students. We may not remember ALL of them, but they usually remember the ONE of us. Good work letting the Lord shine!