Friday, July 2, 2010

11 months and counting!

Hello, all! Hisashiburi! That's Japanese for long time no see. See, I learned Japanese while I was on my blog sabbatical. Doesn't a blog sabbatical make it sound like I meant to disappear? Ri-i-i-i-ight.

So, anyway, as I was riding across Flower Island today on a bus, I decided that in honor of almost being here a year, I would start a new project. By the way, today is my 11 month anniversary in Japan! Woohoo!

This is my project - I will take a picture every day this month, and try to post them all here. I'll try not to forget, but I can't promise anything! ;-)

To start things off:

Flower Island is in full bloom! It is gorgeously splendid! Have I mentioned lately that I love summer?


Sharon said...

How lovely! Where is Flower Island?? I haven't heard you mention that place before! I am looking forward to daily pictures--but NO pressure!! lol

Sharon said...

I forgot...Happy Anniversary! In some ways it is hard to believe 11 months have already passed, but in many other ways, it seems hard to believe that you have squeezed so much adventure into only 11 months! Have fun soaking in the summer. Love you bunches.

Becky said...

So crazy that we've been gone for 11 months! How are the pics going? :)