Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to celebrate a birthday far from home

So, tomorrow is my birthday! I will be 29 - for real! I actually began celebrating about a month ago, which is totally how a birthday should be celebrated! When Bro came to visit, he brought presents from home! Yay! We had a fun birthday celebration while he was here with sweet roll cake, ice cream bars, and strawberries! My family has given me flowers for my birthday for the past several years - naturally, I didn't think I would be getting any this year. But I did! I got a lovely bouquet of daisies and other pretty yellow and white flowers that only just now have died. I also got a TON of presents! It was so much fun to open all the bags and find all the surprises inside! I had a great time, and it was fun to celebrate with family.

Today, being my birthday eve, I did some fun stuff. This morning, I pedaled down by the sea and enjoyed music and the morning. Then, I came back and got ready for church and went to church. After that, I had a yummy ham and cheese sandwich on flatbread. I found them at one of our bigger grocery stores yesterday. Then, I pedaled across town and met up with a friend. We biked on down to Cape Noshappu and had Dippin' Dots. On the way back, I stopped at the game center and played a fun music game, then got some iced caramel coffee and a sandwich at Wakkanai Coffee. I did a little grocery shopping, and now I'm home cleaning (well,actually, I'm blogging - but I was cleaning). Later, I am going to make a pot of chickpea and tomato soup, because I found some real shredded parmesan cheese for it. Yay!

I don't really know what I'm going to do for my actual birthday tomorrow. Oh, I have a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast! My old roommate bought bagels from a yummy bagel shop for my birthday one year, so it's fun to have bagels for my birthday breakfast. They are pretty hard to find, so I was surprised to see some yesterday! On Friday, my office is taking me out to celebrate, which I thought was nice. I'm looking forward to it!

Oh, apparently I've biked about 25 miles over the past 2 days! I love summer!!

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alyacroft said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!
It sounds like you have a good family and a good office taking care of you!