Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Tanjoubi to me!

Wow! It has been a year since my last birthday! And what a year it has been! I've been reading some of my posts from the last year, and it was so amazing to remember different things that have happened. It is so strange to think that only a year ago, I hadn't been to Japan yet. I didn't know all the new people I know now, and there were so many experiences I hadn't had yet!

I feel like I've crammed 5 years worth of life into 1 year!

Dad and I shared holidays last year - my birthday and Father's Day were on the same day, and this year it happened again, because I talked to the fam on my birthday, and it was still Father's Day in America! Pretty strange, huh!

This evening, I went out for dinner with a friend and had soup curry. It is turning into my holiday meal - I had it for Easter, too! Afterwards, we had ice cream. I have some cake in the fridge, but I don't have any room for it - maybe a post birthday breakfast? Then, one of my JTEs came over with a little present for me and a sweet card. I also chatted with another friend and made some art!

I have to say that it was a pretty good day! That, and I've decided to celebrate all week. Maybe all year. I'll keep you updated.


Becky said...

Yay for Father's Day birthdays. I was born on Father's day. Yay for birthday chats with family. :)

Elizabeth said...

Aaah! I was born on Father's Day, too!!

Jonathan said...

Happy Birthday!

Sharon said...

I well remember Father's Day 29 years ago. Though with all the "labor" I was doing at that time, it should have been called Mother's Day. I love you, birthday girl.