Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh dear!!


Elizabeth said...

Yes, the first one is me...pre 2009 haircut

Elizabeth said...

And NO, the second one is NOT me!

Sharon said...

I told you there was a resemblance!!!!!!!!!! But your hair is quite lovely--would like to see it wind blown though.

aquamaureen said...

What does your hair look like NOW????

And LIz . . I have sort of a personal question . . I hope you don't mind my asking . . but I really missed you at The Creative Playground. . .Did something happen? Did any of us say something that offended you???

I was so excited by the first few things that you shared . . and then you seemed to disappear .. is everything okay????

I am concerned about you . . .and from a selfish standpoint, I really missed seeing more of your work and comments . .

love you, sweetie--and have a stupendous time with JOn