Tuesday, October 20, 2009

God bless us, everyone

Well, I've been pulling a pretty good Tiny Tim impression, if I do say so myself! Due to a series of unfortunate events on Monday, I fell off my bicycle and landed on the outside of my right leg, making it the third blow to the same spot in less than a month (yes, I used to be a ballet dancer). Due to the large amount of pain and under severe threats from home, on Tuesday I had my first taste of the Japanese health care system. It really wasn't bad! I had no idea what was going on, but this is not a new thing for me! I never know what is going on. I was on crutches for a little while, but thankfully I have recovered enough to be finished with them (I think). They were kind of embarrassing and rather unwieldy. Even without the crutches, I look like a doofus going up and down stairs one at a time. I feel like I need an eye patch and a parrot. People tend to carry things for you when you look like a doofus, though.

In other news this evening, Mt. Rishiri is now a snowcapped mountain. It is frightfully gorgeous! I have now been all the way around Rishiri Island, and the whole thing is just amazingly beautiful. There are a few fall colors right now.

...hahaha...I'm listening to a Billie Holiday CD, and I was sure that she just sang, "Sun shines around me, but deep in my house, it's as cold as ice," which is funny because I was just thinking about how cold my house is right now. Apparently, she sang heart and not house. Shows ya where my brain is!!

Anyway, as I was saying, there have been a few fall colors so far, but the colors seem pretty muted here as a whole landscape. There are pockets of fabulous color, which is nice, but it doesn't seem to be widespread. I really am looking forward to seeing snow, but I'm a little nervous about the amount of snow and the length of time it will be hanging around. I am looking forward to trying skiing and snowboarding (sounds kind of funny coming from the girl who just crashed her bike). If I am glowing by the end of the year, it's from all my x-rays this year! Good grief!

Well, I'm really quite cold, so I think I am going to set up my space heater and bury myself under all my blankets. Call me in the spring!