Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winter Wonderland!

So, today being a national holiday, I decided to go out and enjoy the snow. It is sooo beautiful, but soooo cold! Eeep!
I was going to take the bus down to Noshappu, but I saw something that looked pretty, so I hopped off at Wakkanai Junior High instead and walked down to the sea. The curve of the hills on the other side of the bay (?) looked like something out of a dream. I tried to take a picture, but the picture does not do justice to what it looked like in real life.

As I was walking along the coast, I realized that all this snow kind of made the shore look like
Pensacola. A cold, cold Pensacola, but whatever! ;-). The photo looks cold to me because I was there, but maybe if you
haven't stood there, it won't look so cold and you can pretend like it's Pensacola.

Then, it got creepily dark over the water, even though the
sun was shining where I was standing (as evidenced by the shadow of what I think is my head in the shot).

I learned an important lesson about the snow...well, I knew it, but application is difficult. When
you are out in the snow, not everything covered in white is a sidewalk.

Well, I'm off to a school festival! See you later!


Sharon said...

Yes...yes...yes!!! The middle 2 pictures look almost exactly like Pensacola!! especially the 3rd one! The second one is missing the sea oats and the scrubby stuff just doesn't mimic well. lol But when I think that November just began and you have all that white stuff...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...brrrrrrrrrrr
How deep is it? It appeared to be 2-3 inches on your boot. What were you talking about when you said all the hidden surfaces were not sidewalks???

Those boots don't look like what I remember you buying here.

I love you Nanook of the North!

Anonymous said...

I have always loved small amounts of snow.It makes everything look prettier than it usually is.
I saw Angela Crawley yesterday. She said she would call me to get the address of your blog.
She got bsck from Spain in aUGUST but she does
not have fulltime work yet.
Go back to that bakery if you can get there. The items sounded wonderful. BE careful.

aquamaureen said...

Isn't it weird to experience snow and sea together???? I remember when larry and I lived in Princeton, and we visited the Atlantic coast in the winter . . played frisbee on the beach, wearing winter coats, with snow on the dunes. very weird juxstaposition, sand and sea and snow ... .