Saturday, October 31, 2009


No question about is definitely snowing now! I was out running to the store somewhere around 9:00 to get some dinner. None of this was happening at that point.

My plan was to stay up until midnight to get started on my NaNoWriMo project. I was about 279
words in when I decided to go check and see if there was any snow. I kind of doubted that there would be any snow.

The first thing I saw (from the entryway of the building) was what
appeared to be a heap of something on a white car. Imagine my surprise to see a layer of white on everything! I was hoping to see a few more snowflakes - I had no hope of accumulation, no matter how slight. And yet, it is everywhere! It's sooooooooo pretty! I don't know if it will still be around in the morning or not, but it sure is nice now!

Oh, and I made a pot of wassail on my heater! Everyone says not to use your oven to heat the house, but no one says anything about using your heater to cook! Soooooo, I had a nice pot there just kind of hanging out all afternoon and evening!

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Sharon said...

It worked! So now I can say what I tried to say twice before...beautiful snow!! How are your boots you bought here? Do I remember they are for outside? Are you going to buy those clamp on ice shoes?

Well, going to bed now, but first I need to set back the clocks. Guess that means we are 15 hours different now, right??

Love you!