Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Please join me in giving a warm welcome to...Umbrella Number 7! If stocks have been rising for umbrella manufacturers over the past few months, it is probably due to me. Unfortunately, when one walks everywhere, an umbrella is essential. Imagine not having a roof on your car. It'd be nice on pretty days, but it sure would be a pill to drive to work in a monsoon.

Here is a brief umbrella history (it's been a slow day);

Umbrella #1 was a nice black umbrella I bought in Tokyo. I think it has been the most expensive of the umbrella bunch so far. I left it in someone's car.

Umbrella #2 was a cheap umbrella, but it was cute and pink. The Wakkanai wind blasted it apart the first day I used it.

Umbrella #3 was a clear plastic umbrella. It too, was blown apart in the wind the first time I opened it.

Umbrella #4 was a clear plastic umbrella that looked like everyone else's umbrella and disappeared. It never even made it to Wakkanai. I bought it in Ebetsu, and in Ebetsu I assume it still is.

Umbrella #5 was another clear plastic umbrella (Seicomart special - stronger than #3) that I left somewhere.

Umbrella #6 was another cute pink one that I now can't find. I'm sure it's here somewhere...

And, Umbrella #7 is the clear plastic Seicomart kind. It's the kind I buy when I'm caught in the rain and there is a Seicomart nearby. I hope it has a nice long life in my home.

Hmmm...12 weeks and 7 umbrellas. If I can make this umbrella last to week 14, I will be averaging 1 umbrella every two weeks.

Have I really only been here 12 weeks?


Sharon said...

I feel as though you have been there 12 months--not 12 weeks! 12 weeks sounds like such a short time. You have had way too many experiences and adventures to only be there 12 weeks, Liz!

I am doing the math...1 umbrella every 2 weeks equals 26 umbrellas in 1 year! Yes, I do believe my first stock purchase will be Umbrellas, Unified.

aquamaureen said...

I think you have created a new little side business for somebody in Japan. follow tall blond american and every few minutes, she will drop/leave/forget an umbrella. pick it up and sell it . .