Sunday, October 4, 2009

Uh oh...

The weather in Wakkanai has been so fabulous since my arrival in August that I had slightly forgotten just how much I hate being cold. Buildings here are rarely air-conditioned, and the weather has basically been that nice temperature where all you need is a light jacket. Well, apparently the weather decided to change while I was away. Now, it is COLD! My house is starting to get that unpleasant chill. Tomorrow or Tuesday I am going to ask my supervisor how my epic heater works. I'm pretty sure he will laugh! I'm really not ready to go into heater mode, but I also really don't like being cold. I've fallen asleep in my dorky winter hat a couple times.

I do have some good news, though! I found that the cafe across the street serves really nice hot drinks. It may be my new after work spot! Today I had a caramel milk tea (YUM!). Perhaps I really should consider joining Curves! Yes, there is a Curves in Wakkanai!

So, if you don't hear from me for a little while, it's probably because I'm burrowed somewhere. And fall has just begun!


aquamaureen said...

oh my. Are we in the same weather zone???? We've had very nice warm/cool weather. Now tonight, rain is supposed to turn to snow and maybe six inches. BAh humbug.

If you have time, visit my blog to see my new "friend."

love you lizzie . .. and caramel milk tea sounds wonderful!!

Sharon said..., too! Only made it to the 60s today! I actually have long pants on this evening instead of my usual BAGGY shorts. I even wore jeans last night to small group. I am glad you bought more sweaters last week. The only problem now is to find out just how many of those sweaters you can wear at once! You know...the layered look. Have you brought out the longjohns yet?

Caramel milk tea...yummy.

Maureen--can't believe you may have snow already. You will have snow before Liz!

Elizabeth said...

Bleah! You can have all the snow! I did hear that it snowed at the top of Mt. Rishiri the other morning!

Yes, I've been sleeping in the longjohns. I can't believe you were actually wearing long pants!