Sunday, October 11, 2009

Murphy's Law


Elizabeth said...

Oh, boy! What a day! Everything I've tried today has not worked out well - including the possessed blog that keeps erasing itself! Well, at least it's rather poetic! Maybe I'll go to bed. Hope I don't fall out!

Sharon said...

So the blog would not let you post, but it did allow you post a comment????????????? Very strange! So what else did not work out on Sunday for you? I love you, sweet girl.

aquamaureen said...

okay, how could you fall out of bed? isn't your bed on the floor? and I just read an email from your mama . . . she says you are cold!!!! I don't like that!! and what happened with Sunday? and she says she got a bazillion pictures from you . . I hope she shares them with me soon!!

Love you, Lizzie.

I just went to my Foreign Film Series tonight--was excited for this one, 'cause it was set in Japan--hearing their language gave me a little sense of what life must be like for you. The movie was called Departures, and was hauntingly beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

That film sounds really cool! Blogger is still being putzy...everything looks wrong and it wipes everything out about every 30 seconds. Grrrrrrrr. When it's working again, I'll tell you all about my "new" bed (assembled by me = danger) and everything that happened yesterday. Fortunately, today was better!

Love you guys!