Friday, October 30, 2009

Let it snow!

OK...I'm pretty sure SNOW IS COMING! We are actually supposed to have flurries around midnight tonight and tomorrow night!

...wait a minute...I cannot write about SNOW without something hot to drink...

All right, I'm ready to go now. I have a nice hot mug of green stuff and some nice
blogging music. No, it's not a jig...that would be clogging music! Here is my green stuff! It's actually a green tea latte an
d is pretty delicious.

Hey, the song is on that my roommate played for me when I found out my family was moving to Mississippi! It's actually called "Liz on Top of the World." :-) That was a good day! In some ways, it's hard to believe that was two whole years ago! On the oth
er hand, a few things have happened in all of our lives since then! I am really looking forward to my visit home in less than two months! I am looking forward to hugs, burritos, and being in the same time zone! Yea! And...dare I hope...fabulous weather??????? It's
degrees at home right now...yum!

Howeverrrrrrrrr, we do have some snow coming! And this is new, and therefore quite exciting to me! Here are some pictures of my Missis
sippi snowfall in early 2008:

No, it was really exciting! Actually, I do have to say that one year - maybe Christmas of 2004 - my brother and I braved copious amounts of snow and ice to battle our way home for Christmas! We made it home on Christmas Day! We had to postpone our celebration for a few d
ays though, until we could battle our way through more snow and ice to a town a few hours away to rescue our foster brother and bring him home. That was another interesting day. I am actually pretty glad that I don't have to drive in snow and ice here. It can be kind of difficult, because you never
know what's ahead. when my brother and I were driving home, I remember that both lanes of the interstate would be clear for ages. Just as I decided it was safe to pass whatever old pokeypants we were following and swung into the left lane, bam! That lane would be solid ice/snow/whatever. This happened multiple times! And I remember hitting a big chunk of ice (or a hole) when we were on the rescue mission and being very concerned about the underside of my car!

While I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of snow, do you want to see some pictures? I will try to get them into this post, but Blogger is soooooooo difficult when it comes to getting pictures where you want them. Mine are always stuck at the top of my post and it is impossible to drag them all the way down the post. Aaaaagh! Maybe there is a trick I don't
know about...??

I think there were some questions about my heater. Let me see if I can "enlighten" you. I
took this first picture so you could get an idea of the scale of the heater in relation to other things. It's about the size of my hand. No, seriously, I was trying to see if I could take a shot with the timer from a certain shelf and this was the test version. I don't really know why my left hand is in the shot. I don't think my right hand (the one taking the picture) knew what my left hand was doing. It's either trying to help, or it's slightly publicity hungry.

The timer shot worked pretty well. In case you are wondering, I am NOT touching the stovepipe-looking thing. I have made that mistake a few times and am not planning to make it any more! The pot on top the stove if full of water to keep the house from getting too dry. I've actually turned my pot of water into a bit of a stew. I threw some cinnamon, an orange peel, and an old rosehip and hibiscus teabag in. It smelled really good for a while, but I've had to keep adding water, so now it's a little diluted. I may need to refresh the cinnamon.

Well, it's 11:37 now, so I am going to go out on a quick snow check. I think I saw some flakes earlier when I went to grab some dinner and then again when I went to the store. I'm about 93% sure, anyway. I'll be right back...

...I'm back. Nothing yet...just some really cold wind. Hmmm, what else can I write about? I think I will take a little break and read for a while.

This article probably explains why I do not really like the masks everyone is wearing now!

The wind is really loud tonight. I'm reeeeeally getting tired now - I may have to just be content with the possible snow sighting earlier this evening...zzzzzzzzzzzz

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Sharon said...

What delightful writing...I so enjoy your humor, Liz!

Your beverage looks hauntingly similar to my famous Cream of Green soup!

I hope you will continue to feel excited and adventurous about the snow. I think the weather is probably your largest hurdle in this job, so I am glad you are beginning with a positive attitude. Just keep remembering the story about the manure. There really are at least 2 ways to view a situation, and most times it is worth the effort to "dig in" and find a positive way.

I think it was 82 yesterday. Today was muggy and hot--about 80. My class and I went to the playground to release our drug-free balloon, and suddenly a COLD wind swept over us. Against the advice of my assistant, we stayed a few more minutes to play. We did NOT get back inside in time! Half the class got wet, as the rain swept in. We could actually SEE it arrive. Now the temp has dropped over 20 degrees.

I really enjoyed your reminissing(I do not know how to spell it, so I decided to butcher it completely!

How much of your house does your heater heator are you still just warming 3 rooms?

I love you, pioneer woman. Hmmmm...maybe that is why you taught Pioneer Club last year!!!!!