Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jaded - or not...

Today did not begin well. I was scheduled to go to Rishiri today, which means catching a bus at 6:24 or 6:39. Imagine my surprise when I looked at my clock this morning and it said 7:00! I was in for a much better surprise when my alarm clock went off and I realized I'd been dreaming. Pshew!

It actually turned out to be a pretty awesome day! I visited a school that I really enjoy. The classes are really small and the kids are a lot of fun. This afternoon, they were doing some preparation for their school festival. I was able to watch them practice their dance, which was totally cool. I also got to help them make decorations for the 3rd year classroom...cough, cough. Those of you who know my amazing artistic abilities can pity the school. I almost missed the ferry coming home - they were just about to wheel away the gangplank (??) thing when I came flying through the doors of the terminal. I would have hated to miss the ferry...not because it was merely the last ferry home today, but because it was my favorite ferry! This ferry is totally lux! It has comfy SEATS and gorgeous decorations. Plus, it doesn't stink! I happily ensconced myself in a seat and prepared to enjoy the journey home with my new toy - an iPod touch. I bought it to study Japanese, yet somehow I find myself playing the Oregon Trail, Lemonade Tycoon, or Tap Tap Revenge quite a bit. Oops. You can also get several free books to read! Oh, and you can track your calories, use the thing as a flashlight, do crossword puzzles, or keep track of your grocery list.

Anyhoo, I was just going to run out and take a quick picture of Rishirifuji and then be done with pictures. I was looking forward to the Oregon Trail and relaxing in the warm cabin. This plan worked well for about 5 minutes.

None of these pictures even begin to do justice to tonight's sunset. It. was. incredible.

Wish you were here!


Sharon said...

WOW!!! I wish I were there, too! That 5th picture from the bottom is spectacular...of course, the scenery isn't the ONLY reason I would wish to be there!!

What a terrific commute you have...and it is so good to hear that you like the job, too.

Back to the pics--each one looks as though it should be a postcard. I wonder if you can sell any of your photos? I am no expert, but I sure think your balance/composition/whatever is phenomenal.

Your art talent is inherited...your mom is known for her "funny" drawings on the board. I could say that I draw funny on purpose to make the kids feel better about trying new things, but my honesty would get in the way.

Today we made sequence circles about a chameleon hunting for prey. This involved drawing 4 chameleons! Of course, I had to draw a sample...ha ha ha...especially the one with it catching its prey with its flicking tongue!

Hey, I am checking out 3 non-fiction books from our school library about Japan to start sharing. One is the ABCs of Japan. It has some simple phrases for us to learn. After testing next week, I may let them start on their "pen pal" letters. Should they begin with Konishiwa rather than Dear Boy or Girl?

aquamaureen said...

You totally had me fooled in your first paragraph--I thought you had really missed getting to work!!! But you made up for it with the wonderful pictures!! so beautiful