Tuesday, October 20, 2009

God bless us, everyone

Well, I've been pulling a pretty good Tiny Tim impression, if I do say so myself! Due to a series of unfortunate events on Monday, I fell off my bicycle and landed on the outside of my right leg, making it the third blow to the same spot in less than a month (yes, I used to be a ballet dancer). Due to the large amount of pain and under severe threats from home, on Tuesday I had my first taste of the Japanese health care system. It really wasn't bad! I had no idea what was going on, but this is not a new thing for me! I never know what is going on. I was on crutches for a little while, but thankfully I have recovered enough to be finished with them (I think). They were kind of embarrassing and rather unwieldy. Even without the crutches, I look like a doofus going up and down stairs one at a time. I feel like I need an eye patch and a parrot. People tend to carry things for you when you look like a doofus, though.

In other news this evening, Mt. Rishiri is now a snowcapped mountain. It is frightfully gorgeous! I have now been all the way around Rishiri Island, and the whole thing is just amazingly beautiful. There are a few fall colors right now.

...hahaha...I'm listening to a Billie Holiday CD, and I was sure that she just sang, "Sun shines around me, but deep in my house, it's as cold as ice," which is funny because I was just thinking about how cold my house is right now. Apparently, she sang heart and not house. Shows ya where my brain is!!

Anyway, as I was saying, there have been a few fall colors so far, but the colors seem pretty muted here as a whole landscape. There are pockets of fabulous color, which is nice, but it doesn't seem to be widespread. I really am looking forward to seeing snow, but I'm a little nervous about the amount of snow and the length of time it will be hanging around. I am looking forward to trying skiing and snowboarding (sounds kind of funny coming from the girl who just crashed her bike). If I am glowing by the end of the year, it's from all my x-rays this year! Good grief!

Well, I'm really quite cold, so I think I am going to set up my space heater and bury myself under all my blankets. Call me in the spring!


Sharon said...

You are one of the most courageous people I know! Being injured in a foreign country could be so scary. But you are handling it with aplomb...oops, I mean acrutch, right??? A plomb(whatever that is) would be of little help to you at this time.

Our fall is the same way. Most is muted with just a few really bright trees--don't know the name but they were plentiful in KY. Maybe maple?

Don't forget to prop your leg often to aid in circulation. Maybe you can request an eye patch for Christmas??

I love you oodles!

aquamaureen said...

you truly are amazing. to be able to tell about a crash and foreign hospital visit, all with such humor . . and then i get to wondering about the practicalities. I guess you can't ride your bike right now . . and how are you managing a tipsy ferry with a bum leg????? and I want a picture of the eye patch and parrot, as soon as you get them!!

love you