Tuesday, September 8, 2009


My apologies if you already saw this on Facebook.  I'll add a few extra details here to try to make it a little interesting.

I was sitting at work this evening and the bright late afternoon sun caught me in the face.  Slightly blinded, I looked out the window and saw a glorious sky over the mountains.  The cloud formations were just incredible, and the afternoon sun was doing its best to compete.  I decided that I wanted to try to get out and enjoy the spectacular evening, and perhaps capture some of it on film (eh, memory card...?).  I left work shortly thereafter (I was there late - it wasn't like 2pm or anything ;-), hurried home to drop off my bag and grab a jacket, and hustled to the bus stop.  Now, when you are chasing the sun, it is important to remember that the sun has the advantage.  This is probably due to the fact that the sun doesn't take public transportation.  I think my bus this evening stopped at every possible stop and got caught at every red light...or we went to Wakkanai Park via Chicago.

Eventually, we arrived at my destination.  I hopped off the bus and realized that I had chosen the wrong destination and now had some extra walking to do.  Oh, well.  I made it to my mountain and started the ascent to the park.  I tried to keep up a good clip, which wasn't easy due to the fact that I was still in my work clothes - a top and sweater and an ankle-length skirt.  I finally arrived at the top, completely slightly winded.

I missed most of the gorgeous light, but the view was really beautiful anyhow.  The deepening twilight heightened the view of the city below, which was just starting to twinkle with lights.  I hung out up there for a little while, taking some random pictures and video.  I wanted to get back down before it was completely dark, so I headed down the path...literally.

As I approached a forested area where the path met a road for cars, I heard a rustling in the brushes.  It kind of sounded like a bird, so I didn't think much of it.  It's amazing how loud birds are when they are in the brush!  You hear something that sounds like Godzilla, and then a tiny sparrow hops out.  Well, this time it really wasn't a bird.  A fox popped out of the woods instead and trotted by.  Then another fox came out.  Then I heard the rustling everywhere!  Well, I did what any brave person would do in that situation...I froze.  A woman came by then.  She was walking her dog, so I tried to act cool while foxes randomly popped out of the bushes.  It was probably the same two foxes just trying to scare us.  I didn't get any pictures of the foxes, because it was such a surprise to see them (plus, all I could think about was the interesting fact we learned at orientation about foxes carrying some horrible parasite).

I finally decided it was probably safe to venture further down the path - I had been hanging out in the wide open road.  I pulled my camera out of my purse in case I saw another one (this is also usually a good guarantee that all wildlife will head for the next prefecture).  Well, see another one I did, and this one was standing right in the middle of my path.  Fox Wayne.  I think a tumbleweed blew by.  This fox was one cool customer - the flash from my camera completely did not faze him.  He knew he was standing just out of range.  He even sat down in the path at one point.  I tried to get more pictures of him, but he was too sneaky.  Well, he finally decided he'd had enough pictures (he was probably seeing lots of flashes every time he blinked), and pretended to go away.  I saw that he was just at the edge of the bushes, but I didn't think he'd try anything, so I cautiously passed him on the trail.  Well, that rascally critter started at me as soon as I'd passed him.  One healthy "Mwark!" from me sent him on his way, though.

I was very happy to reach the end of that path (and civilization) very soon afterwards.


Sharon said...

Chased by foxes???????????? I didn't see that one coming! Were you wearing your red hooded cape?? Were you heading to Grandma's?? Oops...wrong animal...should have been a wolf..but close enough--LITERALLY!

In 1 picture there is a small glowing orb...his eye?? In the bottom one there are 2 orbs close together???

aquamaureen said...

Oh, Lizzie, you are a hoot!! I LOVE your writing. And you are soooooooooooooo brave and adventurous. What are the two last pictures of??? a black fox at midnight??? two glowing devil-eyes??????

love you!!

Sharon said...

Maureen- if you stand up and look down at the monitor, you can actually see the rest of the fox! ugh!

Sharon said...

This is dad. What a wonderful story. You were very sly getting away from the foxes. Emily at work looked at the blog and could barely see the foxes. She enjoyed the blog also.

jim said...

This is dad. I wrote a comment but it went away. I really enjoyed this blog. It was very sly of you to get away from the foxes. I mentioned your blog to Emily at work. She got on and could barely see the foxes.

aquamaureen said...

Okay, Sharon, is this like a snipe hunt??? I stood up and looked down at my computer and saw nothing but the one and two glowing orbs. Did I hear my sister laughing, "hahahah, made you stand up???????"

Sharon said...

Maybe you need glasses????? lol You really can see the outline especially on the one eyeball picture.