Wednesday, September 2, 2009


...drumroll, please...

I now have internet at home! It's a beautiful thing! My wonderful co-workers set up the connection today - I have to say, Japanese instructions and an English computer make for an interesting

Some of you have expressed an interest in my sundress curtain. I'm going to post a picture, but I thought that you might like to see a picture of my apartment first. It's just a tiny little place, as you can see.

OK, maybe not! Wouldn't that be nice, though??? How about this one?

Wait, I even have a picture of the kitchen!!

All joking aside (nah, that wouldn't be any fun, would it?), I am pleased to present to you, gentle reader, my bathroom! Well, I suppose bath and shower room would be a more appropriate
name. That's really all that's in there, though. Well, if you
don't count the makeshift shower curtain. Starting the shower is pretty epic - there are actually several steps. Since I know you are burning with curiosity, I will tell them to you! Step 1, turn on the gas. Step 2, push down and turn the top left knob about 1/8 of a turn. Step 3, while continuing to hold down the knob, turn the crank a few times and
look for the pilot light. If there is no pilot light, repeat steps 2 and 3 until there is a pilot light. Step 4, release the knob. If the pilot light goes out, go back to step 2. Once the pilot light stays on by itself, go to step 5. Step 5, turn the knob to about 7:00 and push down on the lever to start the water. And there you go!

My life here is definitely an adventure. It's not always easy, but what adventure would be? By the way, I have been here one month as of today!

Adios for now! Tomorrow I'm going out to one of the islands, and I have some prepwork to do for class!


Sharon said...

You have to really want to take a shower to go through all that! I love your sharing...keep it up!! More pictures, PLEASE!!!

aquamaureen said...

uh . . . . how come the shower looks likt it is for a tiny square person????? it looks like a box thingie, about a foot deep . . . is that accurate????? do you just stand in the box and hose yourself off????