Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!!

Happy Labor Day, America!  I hope you enjoy your day off from work today!  I'm all finished with Monday and it's on to Tuesday now!

I really have nothing to say...I'm just kind of goofing off because I have internet.  Oh, I went to a Russian restaurant for dinner this evening with the other ALTs in town.  The food was great and I had a wonderful time hanging out with new friends.  I actually meant to be a good girl and eat healthfully today...but...oh, well.  This probably explains how I walk miles and miles (kilometers and kilometers???) and don't lose any weight.

Here are some answers for curious minds:
1) The blue box you see in my bathroom is the tub, and here you don't shower in the tub.  You actually shower on the land outside the tub, so the room is kind of like one giant shower.
2) Communication generally works pretty well - many people here actually speak at least a few words of English.  Also, it turns out that my time in the mime group at Belhaven was not wasted.
3) If you want to add a slideshow to your blog, just go to Picasa web albums (if you are on blogger you automatically have an account.  Once there, upload the pictures you want into an album, then look to the right side of the page.  There will be something about a slideshow.  Click until you see embed slideshow.  Click until you get HTML stuff in the middle of the page.  Choose the size slideshow you want (the preview does not reflect the actual size). Copy and paste the code to your blog.  And that's all!  Well, unless you keep choosing the wrong size for the slideshow and have to keep copying and pasting code 1800 times, but I can't imagine that happening...

Oh, I do have one big announcement...I can now basically read katakana, one of the three Japanese alphabets.  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Have fun today!!!


Sharon said...

Such a cheery post! Congrats on the alphabet. How does that actually help you? I am being serious--not facetious! Sorry you had to labor while we loafed!

aquamaureen said...

You are sooooooooooooooooo funny. Thanksk for answering my questions! I still don't understand the showering thing, but I THINK I can figure out how to do the slideshow :)

Love you, LIzzie