Monday, September 21, 2009

Biker Chick

Happy Silver week!  This week, we have three days off from work.  Japan celebrates Autumnal Equinox, Respect for the Aged Day, and National Holiday. Due to an unfortunate turn of events, I am staying in The Wakk. I've a pretty good break so far - I was really worried that it was going to be tsumaran.  But, yesterday I bought a bicycle! I've ridden all over town (by the way, this is a very long town).  It's been surprisingly fun!  Yesterday, I rode to the fish market and there was some sort of traditional dancing competition/festival going on. It was very neat! There was also delicious bubble tea there. I also bought some fish, as that was the main reason for going (well, the bubble tea did play into it a bit...). I don't know what I bought, but it was really good! On the way home, I totally felt like the quintessential foreign English teacher riding through town with fish in the basket of her bicycle. The I bought some totally mod bathroom accessories, and the illusion was messed up a little. I would post a picture of my new bike, but my computer is being a little...cranky. The picture above is where I was riding this morning.

Today, I rode my bike from my house to Cape Noshappu.  This was a pretty fur piece, and would have been excellent exercise had I not been derailed by cafe au lait and baked goods. About halfway between my house and Noshappu is a great little coffee shop that serves the best cafe au lait known to mankind. It is amazingly delicious! So I simply had to stop, since I was riding by anyway. Then, as I passed Saijo, I wanted to stop for some healthy crackers that I like there. But, I was derailed by the bakery inside. Everything looked and smelled so delicious! As I was about to check out, one of the bakers brought out a fresh basket of hot, crusty French bread.  Well, I had to try some, didn't I? Then I again felt like the foreign English teacher with my bread in the basket of my bike.

The bikes here are definitely built for being a viable mode of transportation.  I have a big basket on the front of my bike, and a place where I can strap a parcel on the back.

Well, I haven't decided what I'm going to do this afternoon yet, but I think that tomorrow I will go to one of the islands. I also need to clean my house, but I don't want to waste any valuable light and nice weather! according to MSN, it's 60 degrees right now. So, it's a little chilly, but biking or walking tends to warm you up pretty well. I think I will go somewhere and study Japanese.  Now, to bike or take the bus...


aquamaureen said...

Hey, sweetie--tried twice yesterday to leave comments but kept getting a blogger error message. will try again now.

I loved this post of yours--but you gotta explain a few things . . "Due to an unfortunate turn of events, I am staying in The Wakk." What in the world does that mean??? and "I was afraid it was going to be tsumaran." HUH???????

Pleease explain. Inquiring minds want to know.

And I hope your computer gets uncrankified, 'cause I'd love more pictures.

I could almost smell the cafe au lait and taste the just-baked bread.

Love you!!

Elizabeth said...

The Wakk is just Wakkanai - I get tired of typing it sometimes! ;-). I had hoped to get out of Dodge, but it didn't really work out. Oh, well! Tsumaran/tsumaranai = boring! It was one of my vocab words recently, so I thought I'd toss it in there. I'm really hoping to post some more pictures very soon! Love you!

Sharon said...

What is bubble tea? I think I read about it in a book once but can't recall.

I don't know about your looking like a foreign English teacher on your bike...all I could imagine was that scene from Wizard of Oz when the lady is riding away on a straight up bike with Toto in a basket on the back!!! That is so not you!!

You rode to Noshappu?? Isn't that the place where you got off at a deserted spot after being highjacked by a bus?? How many miles? How do you feel after not driving for almost 2 months?

I am glad Maureen asked the questions so I wouldn't have to...of course, being her superior, I already knew what the Wak was!!! Kinda cute that it is a homophone for wok.

Can't wait to hear what you did with the rest of your vacation and how your first day back was today? Also, where did you teach today?

Lots of love to you. Many people ask about you!

Elizabeth said...

Hardee har har - no, I am NOT that lady! ;-) Yes, Noshappu is where the crazy bus went - I got off at the far end of the district, but I rode my bike to the near end. I will answer your question about bubble tea ASAP - I need to see if I can get a visual...
Love you!