Wednesday, August 26, 2009

As promised, 100 pounds of gravy

So, the story behind the gravy goes something like this: When I was packing for Japan, I was worried about forgetting stuff. Mom told me that as long as I had the important stuff, the rest was just gravy. Well, the most important things were in bags I was carrying on my person, which meant that everything that went into my luggage was gravy - 100 pounds of it. Yes, I forgot things, and yes, I brought things that have been basically useless (I have not worn my sundresses once! One has found new life as a curtain, and the other two just hang around), but everything has come out ok so far!


Sharon said...

I wish I could see the sun dress turned curtain! Pretty enterprising of you! What stuff do you feel like you forgot?

Sharon said...

You may have to change your blog that you are there!

aquamaureen said...

Now I get it . . . a hundred pounds of gravy . . . I love thinking of a sundress as a curtain :)

I still have soooooo many questions, like what do you eat every day???? Figuring out a few snacks is no big deal, but you have to eat EVERY day--Have you bought any basic groceries to stock up??? or do you just buy every day what you have to eat?????

Have you bought stuff like shampoo and tampax, etc????? are there "american" versions of these things??? or are you using "local" stuff?????

curious minds want to know :)

love you, sweetie

queen said...

Hi Liz, Iam one of your mothers scrabble buddies. Your pictures are awesome. My name is Queen. You may have heard your mom speak of me.Your writing is so divine, your words almost come to live.