Friday, July 3, 2009

Wishdum Teefh

Ow. I had my wishdum teefh out today. It ish hard to talk properly! Boy, does my mouth HURT! I figured I should go ahead and get that taken care of now rather than waiting and possibly experiencing problems with the ol' chompers later. I've been putting it off a bit...oh, only 10 years or so! The waiting room had a whole herd of teenagers talking about cheerleading camp and people in the 10th grade. I felt a little goofy.

Anyway, this has nothing really to do with anything, I just thought I'd share! And, no, I WILL NOT be posting any pictures of the offending teeth. Bleck! Bleck squared! Bleck to the nth degree!


Sharon said...

I am glad it is over with! Get feeling better SOON!!

aquamaureen said...

Yeah, I remember having all my wishdum teef pulled at the same time. If I remember correctly, your mom and I did it together. I think we got drivin home in the VWvan, with us lying down in the back and drooling. Not a pretty sight.

BTW, I noticed you posted at 11:11 pm. Whenever I wake in the night and see 12:34 am, I think of you!!