Saturday, July 25, 2009

What a wonderful evening! The countup is being momentarily suspended.

Amy is going to be a beautiful bride, and she is going to have a beautiful ceremony to match. Tonight was the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, as well as the arranging of the gym for the reception. It was a big day, and tomorrow is going to be even bigger!

Diana and I went to lunch at Julep today - Julep is probably one of my favorite places to eat. We ate after 2:00 - due to me! Afterwards, I headed to the church where Amy was getting a manicure. When I walked into the building, Amy was sitting in the middle of a long couch. Lizby was sitting across a table from her working on her hand, and Amy was surrounded by a passel of little girls who were just entranced by the whole thing. I walked in to a barrage of questions, "Are you her maid?" "What color are your dresses?" "Are you her roommate?" The funniest thing was that Amy had been regaling them with stories of our roommate days and they had all kinds of opinions about what we should have done about "Killer Moth" or the bats. That had to be one of the best wedding manicures!

Afterwards, I headed over to the sanctuary. I was a little early, so I sat and listened to the musicians rehearse for a little while. That was when the wedding really began to seem both real and imminent. I realized that in less than 24 hours, Amy and Kyle would be married, and we would all be walking (gliding?) out of the sanctuary to the music that was being played so buoyantly. Everyone began to slowly gather for the rehearsal and meet and greet each other. It was fun to meet everyone's special people and discover the role they played in Kyle or Amy's life. Meeting Amy's people that I didn't know was really a special treat, because in some ways, it was like meeting old friends. These people have been such an integral part of Amy's life, and it was just fascinating to put faces with names and stories. The rehearsal itself went very well. One thing that made me laugh was the recessional - as each set of bridesmaids and groomsmen reached the end of the aisle, they would introduce themselves to each other. I really appreciate how the pastor began the rehearsal by putting everything into perspective - that this ceremony is really a worship service and ultimately all about God.

After the rehearsal was over, everyone headed to the rehearsal dinner. Most people were not exactly sure where we were going, so about 5 cars caravaned over. At one point, I was briefly stuck at a red light where I needed to make a right turn. When I made the turn and crested the hill, I was quite surprised to see several of the cars from the caravan about to turn into my old apartment complex! I'm not really sure how they got over there, but I just waited in the lane for them all to come back out, and then we proceeded onward. The dinner itself was absolutely lovely. We ate on a beautiful porch overlooking a gorgeous body of water. There were twinkle lights everywhere, and it wasn't too hot.

Afterwards, we spent a good hunk of time setting up the gym for the reception. It looks absolutely wonderful now - I wish I could say I helped more, but I just don't have the decorator talent. I helped wash chairs!

I can't wait to see the look on Kyle's face when Amy walks down the aisle tomorrow.

We need to have more celebrations in life!

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Sharon said...

Now I am crying! Such tender thoughts expressed with touching clarity. Wow!!! I love getting to know the writer side of you, Liz. I was going to say that I didn't even know you had this side, but that's not true. When you were a child you wrote wonderful stories...remember the interview or play from either Esther or Ruth?

You are the kind of maid of honor every bride needs and who loves and cares and looks for ways to meet needs. You have put honoring Amy and making her wedding day so special as your priority, and it shows. I love the way your compassionate heart overflows with waves of earnest sweetness. Amy will love being able to come to this blog to read your impressions of the rehearsal.

Well, it is time to get cleaned up so I can see Kyle's face, and Amy's and yours! If I can be even a tenth as good as you have been here with the "chronicling", I will be satisfied. I love you, sweet daughter and friend.