Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sincere apologies to my future Tokyo roommates

I would like to offer my apologies in advance to the ladies who will be my future Tokyo roommates. My brother and I just returned from some shopping, and I am now armed with 2 battery operated alarm clocks. One is especially annoying. In anticipation of jet lag, I decided that it would be best to go armed with an arsenal of alarm clocks. Apparently, if one is not present at certain orientation meetings, one's entire chain of command - perhaps all the way to the prime minister or the emperor - is notified of one's absence. Talk about utter humiliation, especially if one was peacefully sleeping in one's room because one was jetlagged from one's not-one-but-two early morning airport departures.

Right now, one's alarm clocks are being put to good use as cooking timers. One is in charge of making sure dinner does not burn (this is especially important, because it is one of one's favorite dinners). Life is also good, because one of one's favorite TV shows is about to come on!


Sharon said...

Every time you here the beeping of your alarm clocks, imagine you hear your mom saying, "I... love... you... You... are... special...and on and on!

aquamaureen said...

One is quite impressed with the dry humor of one's niece's writing. One would also like to be a fly on the wall of one's apartment when one's alarm clocks begin summoning one to said important meetings. And yet . . . if one DOES miss said important meeting, one might get invited to a command performance before the emperor . . one might think it worth it . . or one might not. one is pretty confused about who one is at this present moment.