Monday, July 27, 2009

My life in 140 pounds or less - 5 nights to go

Now that the wedding is over, I suppose that it is time to return to packing and the never-ending to-do list. Bleck. I think that I shall return to procrastinating instead! I am an excellent procrastinator. You know, I used to love the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, and I'm pretty sure that she managed to go through life with one dress for everyday and one dress for Sunday. So, why do I need 140 pounds of stuff?? Oddly enough, 140 pounds of stuff is not very much at all. I wonder how much all my stuff weighs...

5 nights to go on the countup! Group A is sitting in orientation right now! I'm really glad to be in Group B! I need more time to pack.

OK, I was just searching for the TV show Jericho on iTunes and randomly found this song:


Sharon said...

The song and its performance are hilarious!!! Yes, I went to sleep hearing, "Mo-o-ove to-o-o Japan" over and over and over in my brain! What a stretch for rhyming!!

140 pounds, huh? It sounds like a lot, but really isn't as I see everything that is NOT fitting into your 3 bags. Reminds me of one of our major moves(I think from St. Louis to Kentucky when you were a newborn). Anyway, we had a LARGE chest type deep freezer. I had emptied the frozen goods for the move. Rather than move a lot of empty space, I decided to fill it with "light" stuff so it could be easily moved, and there would be no wasted space.

Well, as the guys groaned and grunted and developed hernias, they managed to call out,"What's in this thing?"

I sweetly and innocently replied, "Oh, not much. It's only clothes, and they don't weigh much." Boy, have I heard that story regurgitated through the years at every move!!

So, Liz, just tell the baggage people, "There's not much in these's only clothes!"

I love you!

Sharon said...

Oops, I forgot on my last post...I am praying for you, BYW.