Thursday, July 30, 2009

Countup - 100 pounds of gravy

Blargh! We are down to the wire here, folks! I head off to pre-departure orientation the day after tomorrow! I'm starting to get nervous about forgetting something essential. Whenever I take a trip, my mind seems to spin until it figures out what I forgot to pack. This time, perhaps I will deliberately forget something so my brain can relax!

My bags switched places - now my big bag meets the weight requirements and my little bag is overweight. Auggh! I'll get it right at some point, I hope. My strategy is that - worst case scenario - if they say my bag is too heavy at the airport, I'll just start putting winter clothes on.

We had a really nice evening tonight with some family friends who are missionaries in France. They were passing through town, so we all went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Restaurant is a word I have always had a difficult time spelling! I don't know why...

Well, I better see what I can go accomplish in the few minutes I have remaining before I need to go to bed!


Sharon said...

Hmmm...dining at a Chinese restaurant before you leave for Japan?? Well, I guess they are in the same continent! It truly was wonderful having you and Jon join us at Chop Sticks--you and I were the only courageous ones though--we actually used chopsticks!

Thanks for the sweet time last night, Liz...indulging me in all the "lasts"...except that now we have to repeat them all TONIGHT! I guess that was dress rehearsal.

It was a shock to go to bed knowing your plane would take off in only 30 hours. This plan has been in the works almost a whole year! And probably in your mind longer than that.

Change is hard and farewells are hard and sadness is hard...but they are all OK! and part of each other and part of following God's will for our lives and part of remembering we are in the passenger's seat and not the driver's seat...or in your case, the pilot's seat. lol

You know how people "diss" the saying about "God is my Copilot" because God is supposed to be the PILOT?? Well, you are making this quite literal, aren't you!! Forget cars and passenger seats and go straight to international JETS! (JET pun intended!)

Sharon said...

BTW, you forgot to explain the origin of "100 Pounds of Gravy!"

I love you, BYW!

aquamaureen said...

And I was just gonna ask: What about the 100 pounds of gravy????? Inquiring minds want to know . . I keep thinking it was something you were trying to squeeze into your luggage!!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to say that the 100 pound of gravy explanation will have to wait! Can you feel the suspense building?? :)

aquamaureen said...

You'll be in Japan when next you blog. And things will be so new and exciting that you will likely completely forget about explaining about the 100 pounds of gravy, and I shall NEVER have this mystery solved.

Sharon said...

I know, but I can't tell without permission!