Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Countup - 3 nights - Waaah

So. We are now three nights out from departure. I know things will get better, but right now they are kind of stinky. I am really missing my family and friends already (and I haven't left yet). Unfortunately, they are missing me, too, which makes me sad that they are sad. I am also worried about forgetting something essential, like paperwork or my laptop (I had a dream that I forgot my laptop).

I am also having luggage issues - last night's brilliant strategy failed. My luggage is filled to the gills, but one bag is 37 pounds and the other is 61 pounds. Somehow, I have to figure out how to move the small and dense objects to the small bag and the puffy objects to the bigger bag. I thought I had basically done this by putting the heavy shoes in one bag, but my plan did not succeed. Ugh. I knew I should have studied physics. Maybe I could try sweet-talking the airlines. "Why, you look so big and strong, I bet mah little bitty ol' luggage weighs nuthin' to you, sugah!"

On a happier note, I went to the dentist today and have no cavities - a miracle! Ohhhhhhhhhhh, yeah! My friend also bought a webcam for me, and we got it up and running! Woohoo! I also bought a pack of gum and some socks. Just thought you might like to know that.

I promise that happier posts are soon to come. A little wallowing, and I'll be good as new!


Sharon said...

We sure have been wallowing a lot...oh well..tomorrow you leave, and the deed will be done. God will comfort us and cause us to remember that it is He who is sending you forth to Wakkanai.

We prayed for MONTHS that God would OPEN this door if it were where He wanted you and shut it otherwise. The door to Wakkanai swung wide---well, actually it inched slowly open as the drifts of snow(all the waiting time) were shoveled away from it!! Anyway, it's open, and in 21 hours you will be entering a new adventure with your Lord.

I am so proud of you for being obedient to His shoveling---oops, I mean leading.

aquamaureen said...

A webcam . . . woohoo!!!!!! I have one too . . .if it still works . . . we will be able to see each other when you are in Japan!!!

Sharon said...

That means you and me, too, Maureen. Are you signed up for Skype? It's free.